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Shannon Kaye

The Hex Petal

The Hex Petal

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Heirloom boxes are vintage painters boxes customized with paint, artistic designs, and printed images of marbled paper or artwork I've created over the years to become thoughtful storage for anything you love from photos and souvenirs to belts and scarves.

A Classic Tile Inspired Case

Associated with refined taste since the early 1900's, penny and hex tiles continue to inspire those of us who love attention to detail and timeless elegance. The printed lining features a vintage Almanac page marbled in wavy green striations.


  • Sourced from vintage shops, flea markets, and sidewalk sales.
  • Hand painted to customize the case without erasing it elegantly worn charm.
  • Interior printed lining features a range of art and marbled paper images.
  • Artist's authentication signature.
  • Dimensions:  16 1/2" wide x 13" deep x 4" tall (closed)
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