An artist's approach to living beautifully

Shannon Kaye is a San Francisco based artist and residential color consultant. Her passion for how we live at home drives her business for choosing interior and exterior paint color choices for homeowners, and informs her art, which is made with salvaged plywood as canvas and typical home improvement materials from latex house paint and furniture wax to steel wool and sandpaper.

Shannon hosted several seasons of Fresh Coat, a makeover show on DIY Network and Southern Living on Portico TV. She also made appearances on HGTV, TBS, and Lifetime. Shannon has provided custom art, color consulting, color training, and video production, art direction, creative projects, and hosting for brands like Carlos Santana's Sound Management, Benjamin Moore Paints, At{mine}, Modern Masters, and CertaPro Painters, and Kelly-Moore Paints.

She cares deeply about our intimate surroundings as much as the greater environment we live in, so she avoids disposable supplies and uses natural or used materials wherever possible. For her, things that already have a history add to the rich textures and subtle nuances you'll find in her work. Her art themes are inspired by wallpaper and textile patterns and often incorporate stream of consciousness style writings about her memories and relationships.

Contact Shannon at 650 787-7405 or

"Thank you so much for rescuing me with your beautiful color sense. I never would've found those colors and they're just so perfect." -HB

"I tell everyone about your painting and what it means to me and my family. I feel so honored to have it in my home." -MR 

"Thanks so much for bringing me into this project. It's the best crew I've ever worked with." -AC