An artist's approach to living beautifully

Biography cont'd...

In 2006, Shannon was scouted to host Fresh Coat, a makeover show on DIY Network, which led to several hosting opportunities and special appearances on national television. These experiences broadened her audience and allowed her to begin honing her story telling style by writing, producing, and art directing video content for magazines, tv channels, and home improvement brands.

Delving more deeply into her own narrative and representational work, Shannon shifted her focus to fine art in 2010. She created a custom installation for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase House inspired by the letters of Julie Morgan to William Randolph Hearst, and has enjoyed gallery exhibitions around the Bay Area including Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery in Lafayette and the Grand Theatre for the Arts in Tracy.

During the pandemic, Shannon began exploring marbling techniques and left San Francisco for life in Gold Country. She's working on her mid-century cinder block house in the Sierra Foothills, putting her new studio space together, and looking forward to seeing how this new landscape informs her work.

Artist Statement

Influenced by family life and the daily ways we interact with our dwellings, Shannon makes art with typical building materials and tools from latex paint, plywood, and furniture wax, to sandpaper, steel wool, and trowels. Her work takes the form of still life, collage, pattern studies, landscape, and memoirs driven by rhythm, pattern, and color. The stenciled motifs represent our decorated surroundings- the walls and objects around us where we live, visit, and spend our time. These writings and landscapes represent the stories that unfold in those spaces and throughout our lives.