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Layering Stencils for UBe Gallery PopUp Shop

Here are the stencils I cut for the wall I painted at UBe Art gallery in Berkeley. Here's how I cut them... Day 2 at @ube_art #stencil #2 for my upcoming #popupshop #process #walldecor #designinspo #stencilart A video posted by Shannon (@pleinheirbyshannonkaye) on Mar 29, 2016 at 11:33am PDT And here I am stenciling them on the wall... Day 3, stencilling done! Fini! #stencilart #patterndesign #designinspo #living #popupshop opens April 1st at @ube_art no joke! A video posted by Shannon (@pleinheirbyshannonkaye) on Mar 30, 2016 at 11:31am PDT I love layering patterns and playing with scale. Using stencils for the walls, my artwork, and my home goods allows me to do that in a 3-dimensional wall. That's totally satisfying.

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More Stencil Projects

I've been designing and cutting my own stencils since the beginning of my business in 1999. It started  as a way to save money and turned into a passion process I still enjoy today. I design my stencils on tracing paper and cut them out of poster board which allows me to create custom designs that are perfect for my clients and my own artwork ideas too. I can create any idea on a moment's notice and avoid the environmental impact that plastic products have on our planet. Read my 'Closet Environmentalist' blog post if you'd like to know more about that story. That being said, there are times when I need a large-scale accurate custom design, like this one I created in collaboration with Rita...

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How to Create a Feature Wall with Stencils

When Kelly-Moore asked me to create six videos with paint and color ideas, I had to include a stencil project. Here's my mood board for the bedroom design I had in mind. Here's the room BEFORE. I told the stylist to create a room that was cheerful and simple with art and plenty of texture so the space would feel good even before I added the paint color and stencils. She did a beautiful job, don't ya think? I design and cut most of my stencils from poster board (I avoid as much plastic as I can in my work!) I cut out several of these flower stencils while the crew got set up for our 6-day shoot. Little did they...

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Me & Mies Van Der Rohe together at last

Office Hours is a most unexpected boutique with a wonderful eclectic mix of art and objects that proves the home office (or any room!) can look amazing and keep you organized too. But you already knew that. Of course, I love shopping here because the vintage desks, chairs and lighting are absolutely sexy, timeless and fantastic. And the of goods made by artists and artisans is so refreshing and reassuring. Find cards and photos, pens, boxes, and satchels, all made and selected with keen creative eyes. Find my Good Fortune bolsters blissfully resting, that is until they get snatched up, on gorgeous chrome and wicker chairs by iconic designer, Mies Van Der Rohe. Take fate into your own hands with...

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Confessions of a Closet Environmentalist

I remember sitting around our tree on Christmas morning; sleepy eyes, giddy younger siblings fidgeting like jumping beans, and paper wrapped boxes flooding from under the tree into the room. As we dove into our gifts, eyes widening with surprise, I recall the giant plastic bag my dad kept at his side, stuffing it with the wrapping paper we'd crumple into a wad and chuck at him like he was the last one in the center of a dodge ball game. I remember the sparkle of Christmas suddenly dimming as I realized the amount of garbage that we, a big family struggling to hang on to middle class, hauled to the curb that day. Something in me clicked. I didn't...

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