5 days to LOVE: Need a pair of rough diamonds?

I have a confession.
When I was looking for love, the first thing I did (at 3am because I couldn't sleep one night) was turn my bedroom into a Feng Shui style love shack placing pairs of things all around.
It took a little more than that to find my Love, but the power of two is undeniable. Two is about balance, symmetry, yin and yang, tea for two and two for tea...
I painted the frames and leather backrests with lamp black paint then re-upholstered the seats with a set of linen prints of my 'Rough Diamond' mixed media artwork.
Perfect in almost every room of the house like a breakfast nook or living room, the gift of a pair of chairs says,  "...me for you and you for me."
(P.S. My new Love never quite figured out why he hated leaving my room- let's keep that little secret between us)

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