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At Create Mix & Mingle, Learn How to Cut Stencils and Create Beautiful Patterns

Join me at Create Mix and Mingle for a very unique session, a workshop where I get to show you how to make your own stencils and create a beautiful wallpaper style pattern for any object or room in your house. I've got a few secrets up my sleeve to help you stencil like a seasoned artist. Design and Sip Stencil Workshop at: Create Mix and Mingle 1888 South Norfolk Street San Mateo CA 94403 (650) 434-2781 Using simple supplies, available at most neighborhood craft and hardware stores, you'll discover basic stenciling techniques and ideas that can be used to decorate almost any paintable surface in your home. All materials for the workshop are included, so you'll go home with a 24x20" sample that's pretty enough...

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November 10th, Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery hosts, If Walls Could Talk, a special exhibit for Shannon Kaye

Opening ReceptionIf Walls Could Talk: a unique mixed media exhibit that explores personal historyand the rooms where memories are madeJennifer Perlmutter Gallery3620 Mt. Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CaThursday November 10th 6-9pm I'm so fortunate to share this exhibit and opening evening with such good company. Jennifer Perlmutter is a fellow fine artist and gallery owner who has championed my work since we met and I couldn't be more grateful for her encouragement and support.  As we developed the title for this exhibit, If Walls Could Talk, we talked about text in art and the nostalgic themes that come up around memories and the rooms we grew up in, the hobbies and pastimes that took up our time and connected us with others. It made...

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Three Signs You're Ready for a Color Consultant

I asked a paint contractor once, "what color do your clients request most for exterior painting?" He said, "Mostly, they just ask me to paint it the same color."  What?! Turns out, people often find it more painful to go through the process of choosing new paint colors that might turn out badly, then to stick with the original colors they already know they don't like. Given that most of us paint our houses just once every decade or two, that's crazy! The price tag of a nice paint job is a sizable investment, but the cost of staring at the same sad siding color for another ten years, or patching your house with 30 paint swatches only to end up overwhelmed and defeated,...

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Talk to Artie, a conversation in a painting

My latest and largest painting is done. Talk to Artie, 8ft x 4ft, is a labor of love piece, a time in my studio that completely surpassed time as I knelt directly on this wood panel to write about a conversation I'd love to have had with my grandmother if she were still alive. I've been reading- ok, more like devouring- two books, Quantum Love by Dr. Laura Berman and Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss (thank you, Ashley!). Both authors, with very different approaches, talk about understanding the spoken and unspoken agreements we make with ourselves and in our relationships and how to stay grounded as we navigate new ways of relating to ourselves and others. These books have me thinking about...

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Curating Style Stories for At{mine}

Sometimes you fuss and and fight to get what you want or just to figure out what you want. And sometimes you just land in the right spot like plopping on a big comfy couch and feeling like you've always belonged there. Oddly enough, I've been doing both lately. That landing in a comfy couch part is easy to talk about; I just become a Style Story Curator for At{mine}, a community of Design Lovers that share Inspiration straight from real homes. I don't remember how I came to follow Abigail Ahern, an up and coming shop owner who's taking London by storm with her brash sense of dark fun and funky style. I've long admired her drive, her brave sensibility,...

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