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Wish you Knew What Colors to Choose for your House?

Then join me at Tamalpie Pizzeria in Mill Valley this Monday from 2-4pm for an approachable and interactive workshop all about the color wheel and how I use it to choose beautiful color palettes for any room. Seats are limited to 15, so Click here to reserve your spot! I've taught this class across the country to paint contractors and sales reps with national organizations. Now, I'm coming home and getting personal with you. I charge $250 for my color consulting services, but here's your chance, for $45 and two hours- not to mention a lovely Tamalpie lunch!- to learn about my process, ask questions, and work with me to help you choose beautiful colors for your home. Bring a...

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Cooking up ART and COLOR Events with Tamalpie Pizzaria

Recently, an awesome client referred me to a friend who owns a chic new restaurant in Mill Valley, and we're partnering up to offer two exciting Art and Color events! So cool. (Thanks, PR!) Join me at Tamalpie Pizzaria 477 Miller Avenue in Mill Valley, California for my latest Color Theory Class and an Art Reception to introduce my newest paintings and vintage furniture I'm re-working with an innovative twist!         ¬†Shannon Kaye's Home Colors Workshop Monday, June 24th from 2-4pm Bring a decorative piece from your home and join us for lunch, a review of the color wheel and unique method for helping you choose the perfect color palette for your home. Attendance is limited to...

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Sneak Peak: this Saturday's art and pop-up show

Final preparations are underway... Val is preparing some nice little hors d'oeuvres and selected a lovely vino for a complimentary bite and beverage. (more drinks and food are available for purchase after that)                     And I'm putting final touches on the pillows and things to accompany my art. Here's just a glimpse of what will be at the show...     ¬† See you there: Kaffeehaus 92 East 3rd Avenue, San Mateo Saturday May 18th 6-9pm              

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Art Show turns Pop-up Shop

I've been on a mad dash getting ready these past few days, for my art show at Kaffeehaus in San Mateo. Val, the owner, invited me to add more art to the walls... and then I went with friend and photographer, Sarah Deragon, to the Alameda Flea Market and found some treasures... Like this chair from the DEA's office in Los Angeles... And this cute little nightstand... So, I just had to add them to my list of things to do and see how I can transform them with my paintings (can't wait to show you!). That's right, I'm creating a pop-up shop complete with the art, pillows and furniture. Somehow it always gets done (right, Lane and Mom?!) and...

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Blue, Valentine?

Things are looking up for those of us feeling a little, well, blue, this Valentine's Day. I was feeling that way until I noticed several signs cheering me up this week. Reminds me that even without red hot romance, we can still have true blue love and appreciation for family, friends, clients, fans, followers... So, here's to us blue valentines looking for a little love today :-) Nickey Kehoe bedroom design in this month's House Beautiful... Love notes I saw on my power walk the other day... The I LOVE YOU (or should I say, Je T'aime) wall in Paris... Lights in the neighborhood cheering everyone on! If you're still feeling blue, LIKE me on facebook and I'll personally send...

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