Blue, Valentine?

Things are looking up for those of us feeling a little, well, blue, this Valentine's Day.
I was feeling that way until I noticed several signs cheering me up this week.
Reminds me that even without red hot romance, we can still have true blue love and appreciation for family, friends, clients, fans, followers...
So, here's to us blue valentines looking for a little love today :-)
Nickey Kehoe bedroom design in this month's House Beautiful...
Love notes I saw on my power walk the other day...
The I LOVE YOU (or should I say, Je T'aime) wall in Paris...

Lights in the neighborhood cheering everyone on!

If you're still feeling blue, LIKE me on facebook and I'll personally send you a fortune from my Good Fortune collection. Here's a hint- they're all good fortunes.

In the words of Jennifer Hudson- Love is the thing, ya know!
Happy Valentine's Day
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