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Hanging Out at Home: how to hang art in your house

For most of us, buying art is scary, and figuring out where to hang it, well, forget about it. It looks so easy in magazines until you turn to your own room and think, ‘my house will never look like that.” When contacted me to ask for tips on how to use art in a house, I knew it was time for this article. Look, besides painting your walls, adding art to a room is one of the quickest and most effective ways to transform a space and add your own personal touch. So don’t get discouraged, get daring! And try some of these tried and true ways to bring more art- and style- into your home and your...

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If Walls Could Talk Art Exhibit at Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery

Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery 3620 Mt. Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, California NOVEMBER 10TH THROUGH DECEMBER 3RD 2016 Influenced by family life and the daily ways we interact with our dwellings, Shannon Kaye makes art with typical building materials and tools from latex paint, plywood, and furniture wax, to sandpaper, paintbrushes and trowels. Some of the paintings are covered with journaling, the story of dreams or thoughts, the featured image inspired by a conversation she imagines having with her grandmother, Artie. Shannon's work takes the form of still life, collage, pattern studies, landscape, and memoirs that evoke a nostalgic sense of places in time. My ideas are driven by rhythm, pattern, and color, and the writings represent those interactions between our decorated surroundings and the stories...

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Shop Small Business SATURDAY November 26th to support local biz

If you missed the opening of my exhibition If Walls Could Talk,   Come take advantage of our local 'Shop Small Business Saturday' and skip the crowded malls for a champagne toast with me in a beautiful gallery setting.   Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery November 26th 3pm – 6pm 3620 Mt. Diablo Blvd.Lafayette CA 94549You'll find the perfect gifts for your loved ones from paintings and jewelry to textile pieces, painters boxes and more.*Enjoy gift wrapping on smaller items and local delivery and installation on large scale art pieces, compliments of Jennifer Perlmutter.

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Never Thought I'd Talk about Color Politically...

When I saw the purple lapels and tie, I immediately thought of Martin Luther King- ...Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. It's not about fighting back, it's about doing more. I feel sad and overwhelmed but also motivated because clearly, just voting was not enough. I'm wearing purple today and gathering with some young women who need encouragement and hope. I hope you'll join me.

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Why I started sleeping in... (there's a discount code in this article!)

Thank goodness for Instagram! Otherwise, how would I have discovered the most perfect sheets ever made?! I found Perfect Linens at @perfectlinens a few months ago and now, here I am setting up a whole photo shoot just to show you how much I love them. It's hard to imagine such beautiful bed linens coming through this laboratory, but this is exactly where Perfect Linens tests the finest fabrics in the world for their strength, suppleness, durability, texture... Nothing gets past these people, they only choose the finest.  And when you look up close, or better yet, climb into these wonderful sheets, you realize why they call themselves Perfect Linens. They are without a doubt the most comfy wonderful linens I've...

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