Stencil artworks and installations

Like most traditional decorative painting tools and techniques, Shannon uses stencils in her own unique way to create richly layered and spontaneous patterns that fill the canvas and convey a story. She orders some stencils online, but mostly relies on designing and cutting her own stencils with paper for a flexible, instantaneous, and eco-conscious approach to her work. Many of these images are sold or of past projects. To inquire about availability and special commissions contact us at 650 787-7405 and



"White Hearts"

Stenciled feature wall for Kelly-Moore Paints


Line work and stencil panel for UBe Gallery

"Circles and Stripes"


"The Porch"

Royal Design Studio stencil for dining room feature wall



"Pink Lattice Floral"

"Green Lattice Floral"

Custom monogram stencil and pinstripe pattern on walls, a Stencil Library allover pattern applied on ceiling.

"Green Paisley Floral"


"Distressed Wallpaper Floral"

"Faded Wallpaper Floral"

"Geo Fire"

Painters palettes with swiss crosses


Custom Moroccan Star stencil pattern in cone shaped ceiling

Custom houndstooth stencil pattern and rustic green roller finish

Stenciled wall for UBe Gallery to feature my artwork

Floral stencil pattern with chalk on a chalkboard wall in my office

"Tree for the Stars'

My first stencil design- sunflowers and stems
Stenciling painters drop cloths for a feature wall of curtains