Why I started sleeping in... (there's a discount code in this article!)

Why I started sleeping in... (there's a discount code in this article!)

Thank goodness for Instagram! Otherwise, how would I have discovered the most perfect sheets ever made?! I found Perfect Linens at @perfectlinens a few months ago and now, here I am setting up a whole photo shoot just to show you how much I love them.

It's hard to imagine such beautiful bed linens coming through this laboratory, but this is exactly where Perfect Linens tests the finest fabrics in the world for their strength, suppleness, durability, texture... Nothing gets past these people, they only choose the finest. 

And when you look up close, or better yet, climb into these wonderful sheets, you realize why they call themselves Perfect Linens. They are without a doubt the most comfy wonderful linens I've slept in.

Look how Rachael of @thisisourbliss on Instagram uses their Second Skin Sheets.

And look how Nicole from @nicolemely uses them in her guest room. The details are so delicate and subtle, perfect for any style room.

I chose Nana's Favorite Sheets because I love luxuriating in plain white crisp comfy sheets. And after a few weeks of doing just that, I decided I had to show them in just the right light.

I threw together some paints...

and painted one of my signature torn landscapes on my friend, Nancy's moody blue wall near a big window that beams with morning light.

And rather than style them up perfectly, I decided to show them like this, the way we live with them and love them every day.

Follow @perfectlinens on Instagram and use code: Shannon15 to claim your 15% discount when you order your favorite set of sheets at perfectlinens.com



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