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November 10th, Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery hosts, If Walls Could Talk, a special exhibit for Shannon Kaye

Opening ReceptionIf Walls Could Talk: a unique mixed media exhibit that explores personal historyand the rooms where memories are madeJennifer Perlmutter Gallery3620 Mt. Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CaThursday November 10th 6-9pm I'm so fortunate to share this exhibit and opening evening with such good company. Jennifer Perlmutter is a fellow fine artist and gallery owner who has championed my work since we met and I couldn't be more grateful for her encouragement and support.  As we developed the title for this exhibit, If Walls Could Talk, we talked about text in art and the nostalgic themes that come up around memories and the rooms we grew up in, the hobbies and pastimes that took up our time and connected us with others. It made...

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All Dressed Up: a makeover story

Way back, long ago, someone bought this Art Deco style cabinet new. About ten years ago I bought it from a second-hand store for this bathroom I designed. Who knows how many people have owned this sweet piece, but recently it came back to me with the veneer a little worse for wear. Clearly still vibrant and useful otherwise, I decided to fix it up to stand guard for another owner and another long lifetime. Here's how it went:     I don't see it as salvaged, re-purposed, or re-cycled... just dressed for a new party and ready to go again.  Click here for purchase details.        

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