At Create Mix & Mingle, Learn How to Cut Stencils and Create Beautiful Patterns

At Create Mix & Mingle, Learn How to Cut Stencils and Create Beautiful Patterns

Join me at Create Mix and Mingle for a very unique session, a workshop where I get to show you how to make your own stencils and create a beautiful wallpaper style pattern for any object or room in your house. I've got a few secrets up my sleeve to help you stencil like a seasoned artist.

Design and Sip Stencil Workshop at:

Create Mix and Mingle

Using simple supplies, available at most neighborhood craft and hardware stores, you'll discover basic stenciling techniques and ideas that can be used to decorate almost any paintable surface in your home. All materials for the workshop are included, so you'll go home with a 24x20" sample that's pretty enough to frame as art, and the tools you need to create your own stencil project at home.


Most of you know I've been using stencils for my entire career. I started designing and cutting my own stencils, in my decorative painting years, just to give my clients something unique and also to avoid the time and cost of shipping when I was eager to start a project. I continue to use my old stencils and create new designs in my fine art which I also turn into textile panels for home furnishings.

And taking a workshop at Create Mix and Mingle is a super fun welcoming place to try something new, especially if you're nervous about expressing your creative side! Owners, Angela and Deb, along with my gal pal, Ashley, are always friendly and empowering with anyone who ventures into their creative space.


We've had a blast developing this workshop together and I think you'll agree that when you grab your friend and share a glass of vino any intimidating task can seem more fun. I'll enjoy a sip with you as we dive into simple materials like poster board and tracing paper to get you creating your own beautifully stenciled sample. If you're anything like me, when you see how many designs and patterns you can make with stencils, you might never put your craft knife down after this workshop!

To give you a taste of what stenciling looks like, here's  a quick video of a stencil patternI created on the spot and painted in UBe Gallery in Berkeley.



 Join us! We'll raise a glass (and maybe a craft knife!) to stencils and the art of making life more beautiful... one stencil at a time.

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