Curating Style Stories for At{mine}

Curating Style Stories for At{mine}

Sometimes you fuss and and fight to get what you want or just to figure out what you want. And sometimes you just land in the right spot like plopping on a big comfy couch and feeling like you've always belonged there.

Oddly enough, I've been doing both lately. That landing in a comfy couch part is easy to talk about; I just become a Style Story Curator for At{mine}, a community of Design Lovers that share Inspiration straight from real homes.

I don't remember how I came to follow Abigail Ahern, an up and coming shop owner who's taking London by storm with her brash sense of dark fun and funky style. I've long admired her drive, her brave sensibility, and her ability to gather a team and get stuff done. She's unstoppable!

(side note: the fussing and fighting part of me has felt pretty weak and ineffective lately, like maybe certain things aren't lining up because they aren't meant to be, but it's what I thought I wanted, so what happens now? More on that later)

Anyway, when she introduced At{mine} to her fans I jumped on immediately and found a lovely community of creatives that made me feel right at home. They were so welcoming and nice, like good old friends I just hadn't met yet. I've forged new friendships and enjoyed peaking into their homes in Norway, England, France, and beyond.

You can imagine how nice it was to find an note in my email from one of the co-founders inviting me to be a Style Story Curator for At{mine} and also asking to do a feature story on me and my home! The feature story is coming, I have to fix up a few more things in my new space to make every room At{mine} worthy. But for now, go to the site and find my Style Stories where I share my sensibility and design philosophy through the homes of creative inspiring people around the globe. 

Now that I'm enjoying this moment, I think I'm going to sit and back and relax here for a bit. There's plenty of time to get to the 'fussy' part of my story. But it can wait, I'm really enjoying this moment. Find something that makes you smile today and just hold on to it for awhile. Have a great week everyone.


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