Feeling Fortunate: two cheerful pieces for the collection

I've already added a few more piece to the GOOD FORTUNE collection. I decided to include fortunate little finds I discover along the way...
like this sturdy worn chair I found at my favorite shop in Sonoma. (click here for the unusual history and details)
Feels like I win a lottery every single time I find a treasure like this, so seems fitting these littel nuggets should be in the same collection as my GOOD FORTUNE pillows. (click here if you haven't seen those yet)
I painted it poppy red with pewter metallic on the edges of the splat, and bright yellow 'socks' for a comfy finish the reminds me of how well used and loved this chair was in a former life.
I used it to style Jen Bekman's living room for her 20x200 re-launch videos (coming soon!)...
It's been sitting in my house every since, ready for it's new adventure...
I'm also including this clover top, bobbin turned table (click the image for details) that I've been holding onto for awhile.
SORRY I don't have a before picture of this one. I was so excited to relieve it of it's dowdy brown Victorian stain that I took a brush to it before I could stop myself.
Anyway, this piece has been hanging our my house getting just enough use to feel comfortable again...
I'm going to a rummage sale this weekend... hope I find something else for my GOOD FORTUNE collection.
What will you find this weekend?

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