Color and Light

Without light, there's no such thing as color.
Color is a moving, reflective entity that has always fascinated artists. Technology and new materials don't seem to be quelling that thirst, but rather, feeding it- EXPLOSIVELY! These intense light saturated colors and multi- hued patterns have me mesmerized as of late.
James Turrell, LACMA, retrospective


I saw the James Turrell retrospective exhibit at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) this past weekend. I'm still in a trance.

The piece, above, is a physical space, a room divided by light created with bands of back lit plexi-glass in a dark room. The black around this image is the room- pitch black.


I also walked into this room- yes, that bright orange square is a room...

Once you're inside (yes, this pink square is a room, the same room that is orange in the previous photo), the room changes color from bright white (making the outside space look green) to intense colors like this one.

And then there's the sculpture by Jesus Rafael Soto in the LACMA courtyard made of yellow plastic tubing...

...and the walls painted by Maya Hayuk at the Hammer museum down the road. I wish I could take them- yes, the walls- with me.



I didn't realize until seeing Maya's exhibit at the Hammer last weekend, that I'd already been a fan! I shot this building last year in Brooklyn with my friend (and urban stencilist extraordinaire!) Ed Roth.



Reminds me of Soo Sunny Park...

Yep, this is chain linked fence with color tinted tiles individually wired into place. (click the image above to go to her video)

I was completely enraptured in these exhibits and Soo's video when a message came in (thank you, Robert!) with this image- seriously, I'm not joking.

Like I said, there is no color without light. Mmm, feels like I just went to church. I'm all warm and fuzzy inside.






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