The Power of Color

I went to a client's home for a color consultation the other day. He had pale beige carpet, medium toned wood furniture, and just one piece of art on the wall. He said, "how do I know which color to choose?"

While it's true that paint color can completely transform your space, it's important to think of wall colors as an integral element to the overall look and feel. There's no one color that will turn a room into a royal palace, especially if you don't have the rich fabrics and opulent accessories of a majestic dwelling. But opening your mind to rearranging a few things and featuring your favorite pieces is a good way to start envisioning the best color emerge for your house.

Here are a few color projects I've done that might spark an idea for your home. Let your creativity guide you or give me a ring for a color/design consultation. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can help you see your space in a whole new light. Here are some examples...

I noticed that this client had several blue and white objects that she's collected from her travels. I grouped them together in hits glass front cabinet and chose a deep blue background to show off her collection...

As she grew more and more to trust my color choices for her home, she was open to my suggestion to use that same blue color for her entire powder room. It was a leap, but we're both glad she decided to go for it. The color adds richness to an awkward space with a wall of tall cabinets and door that cut off her artwork before.

As the painters were at work, I headed out to find a set of art pieces to group on the wall to give this room some drama and charm whether the door was open or closed. I also found this small vintage ebanized dresser that allowed me to bring in some bits of color and pattern and avoid plopping things on the back of the toilet. This is much more elegant.

Sometimes taking away color is the best choice for a space. This couple called me in a panic as they began planning their move from a modern home to this Queen Anne with tradition elements and different colors in every room.

They needed no design help from me. Their furniture, art, and style were impeccable. But, notice that by simply painting the walls, window trim, and baseboard white and the fireplace and crown molding black, that their combination of color, texture, and shape take center stage.

This tired room because a luxe and modern space full of bright light and beautiful things.

Here another client didn't want to change the furniture or rug in her dining room but she did want the space to feel more inviting for her regular entertaining

I convinced her to move the china cabinet to another room to break up the heaviness of the wood in this space. Then I framed these gorgeous block prints, made by her daughter, and grouped them on the wall to create a rich and colorful focus. Lastly, I reupholstered the chairs in fresh citron adding depth to this gorgeous butternut squash wall color that makes everyone look good and feel good. Perfect for entertaining.

You may to have to do a complete renovation to add life, style, and color to your space. But keeping an open mind about the whole space will help you find new solutions to old problems for a completely new look. Watching my clients eyes light up when they see the difference is just the best reward. I love my work.

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