Stepping back...

The other day I was frustrated by every piece I was working on; seemed nothing was going my way. And just before my latest landscape dresser turned into a graffit and slurs dresser, I stood up and stepped back. I walked a good 15 feet away for a wide look- at everything. I realized my painting was fine, beautiful in fact. I was really feeling a bit defeated about not winning Martha's contest and trying shove out a bunch of new work to compensate; to show that losing hadn't gotten me down. What I was really feeling was impatience for success.

It's taken me about 15 years and this Plein Heir collection to show me that creating anything is like creating art. You have to dig in and get dirty, mind the details and work your plan. But you also have to step back (often!), and just see how things are going. What's working? What isn't? What do I like? What do I want to change? Is this what I was envisioning? If no, is it still good? Better? If yes, is it as satisfying as I imagined? Am I willing to stay in the process until my dream comes to life?

Of course, I still wish I'd won the contest so the country can see this work that I'm so excited to create and share. I realized that the contest gave me a taste of that possibility, and that 5400+ votes from friends, family, clients, vendors, and fans is a pretty damn good start.

I sat back down and picked up my brush. Yes!, I'm willing to stay in this process because my vision is so cool- I can't imagine NOT achieving it.

So, here's a glimpse at a piece in progress... I step back at each step and ask the questions... so far, the answers are yes! yes! yes! I'm loving this piece and can't wait to deliver it to my client. What are you creating today?









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