Life after Martha

Whoa, what ride, huh?!

So, I didn't quite make it to the finals of Martha Stewart's American Made contest, but I'm really touched by the number of people who dug in with me and offered such support. I received at least one (usually many more!) encouraging message of support every day. Does it sound too dorky to say I feel like a winner anyway? I do!

Thank yo all so much for your cheers, your votes, your rally. Sure, there were all kinds of glitches in the contest and votes for other nominees that seem, well, a little suspicious... but ultimately, none of that matters. It feels great to be back in my groove creating beautiful things for the home. It's been a really long time since I've felt this creative and inspired, so thank you ALL for rooting for me and reminding that anything is possible! Oh, and just so you know...


I'd jump in the mud with all of you to help you make your dreams come true too. I'm just sayin'...

Thanks, Everyone. Feels really good.



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