Styling made easy with 20x200 founder, Jen Bekman

A last minute request came in for a small styling project.

I thought, 'I'm not a stylist but I played one on tv..." :-)

Seriously, I've never been hired for styling before, but I have styled all of my own projects and videos so, I grabbed some of my pillows, a few books, a lamp or two- oh, and this coral chair from my studio that I'm still painting (more on this sweet little seat coming soon) and headed up to San Francisco.

And next thing you know I'm styling this sunny clean loft for Jen Bekman, founder of Jen Bekman Gallery in New York City and

Jen is re-launching her site and needed to make her "half-moved-in" apartment presentable for the videos she's creating for the launch.

Of course, Jen had beautiful furniture and gorgeous artwork, so my job was easy.

And with a tight and talented crew in place (Lindsay Campbell producer/art director and Judd Frazier videographer/editor) interviewing some 20x200's most successful artists was also a piece of cake. Jen was a natural too, of course.

Sometimes those small unexpected projects are the most rewarding. Everyone does their 'stuff' and no one gripes about anything, and the whole thing just works- so rewarding. I'd say all in all this was a good day for everyone. Stay tuned for the videos and re-launch of 20x200 coming soon!

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