the Plein Heir catalog pp. 5 & 6


Building on the 'Torn Landscape" motif, I created this modern graphic stripe with thicker layers of paint and stripes pushed together. I'm really excited about this painting because it can used in so many ways, like this vintage painter's plein air box and these giant pillows I just want to fall into.
















This green paisley pattern was the beginning of the floral series I've been working on for the past few years now. I was experimenting with pattern and shape, not intending to create a painting at all. But I loved the layers of green and paisley shape so much, I add the flowers just so I could hang the piece in my bathroom and see it every day.













This painting really makes me happy to I like looking for more ways to use it like this casual little pillow and artist's palette.

More to come... see you tomorrow

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