the Plein Heir Catalog- pp. 3 & 4


En plein air is the style of painting made popular by the Impressionists who began experimenting with color, light and brush strokes and mood as they sat outside painting and taking in a view.

When I look out to pastoral scenes I see stripes of color stacking one on top of the other as the colors fade to shadowy forms. That's the idea I like to evoke with these 'Torn Landscape' motifs. They're a departure from the rest of the collection, but certainly a reflection of the Plein Heir brand.
















The pink lattice floral pattern is surprisingly versatile as it can be used horizontally or vertically and translates well in any scale. I like the pattern at full size on the throw pillow then blown up about 140% for the chair. This pattern will defnitely show up again in later designs.
Check in tomorrow for the next couple of pages.

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