Have I mentioned How Much I love my Tools?

This is not a paid post- I just have to shout out for the tools that make my work easier, better, tidier (is that a word?).

I already used Shur-Line's mini rag rollers for my decorative painting business before Hosting Fresh Coat then becoming Shur-Line's spokesperson (2007-2010; a great run!) and a huge fan of their brushes and teflon coated trays. My favorite brushes are 1 1/2" square and angle. (Thank you, Paul and Shur-Line team)

And I can't live without Fits-All Paint Can Spout (see the yellow and blue plastic thingies at the back of the counter?). I've used these for years to keep paint cans clean which keeps the paint fresh longer and the mess to a minimum. LOVE these things!

These and more fav tools have helped me paint things like this dresser for the DIY videos I produced last Summer...

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and later this landscape in my living room.

These stripes on my piano...

This painting that just sold yesterday (yea!)

Decorative finishes, like this one, from my decorative painting days...

And this cute little night stand I'm taking with me to my Art reception at Kaffeehaus this Saturday in San Mateo from 6-9. (hope to see you all there)

Feels great to have the tools and the team that makes everything I do easier and more fun.

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