Weeks 11 & 12: Tea for Two

I'm excited to share the first fruits of my Painting-A-Week challenge!

The Kaffeehaus, owned by my handsome friend, Val, is my hands-down the best coffee shop on the Peninsula!

Val chooses the best ingredients for his sandwiches and the finest food artisans he can find for an offering of sandwiches, pastries, and desserts that are the best I've ever tasted. He also sells an exquisite collection of loose leaf teas that are divine... but the jars he uses for them are, well... BORING!

So when he asked me to paint them for him- free reign, any design I wanted that would show off his gorgeous collection- I was thrilled. Being commissioned to do a custom piece of art for a client is really exciting. Being asked to paint something totally unexpected is pretty cool too!

I painted the Lavender Mint jar first and when I got a big thumbs up from Val, I started in on the Ceylon Green Tea jar and will paint one a week for 8 weeks until they're all done. Val's from Russia and loves Vienna, so the colors are opulent and the motif is international. I'll try to squeeze some other paintings during these next few weeks, but I'm warning you right now, you might just see more of these tea jars for awhile.

I love my work.

(If you decided to visit Kaffeehaus, call me and I'll join you- I'm likely going to be there anyway! You and your taste buds won't regret it- not even a little bit.)

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