Week 10: Expanding the View

I did this painting a few weeks ago and posted in my newsletter but didn't quite get around to posting it here on my blog- sorry about that! But I am still painting away.

This painting came up spontaneously after my beautiful en plein air painting day at the beach with Andy.


It pays to have all the tools you need when inspiration strikes! And thanks to Shur-Line painting tools, I'm always well stocked and confident about which tools work best for each piece of the project. The yellow and blue visors you see at the top of the display (they fit on the edge of gallon AND quart size cans to keep the rims so tidy!) and the 4" rollers (with the red and black Shur-Line handles) are my go-to tools for almost every project. I just well, love them!

I'm seeing everything in rows of color these days and collecting images for future 'torn landscape' paintings of every size...

The next two weeks have involved a totally different kind of painting, and I'm really excited to share it with you. Click to the next post to see Week 11 & 12's paintings. Hope you love them as much I have enjoyed creating them...

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