Week 8- Art Deco's Delightful Designs

As I settle into my painting-a-week challenge, I'm finding that rather than running out of ideas, which is what I thought would happen, I've got more ideas than I can plunk out in a day or so. I worked on three or so pieces all week but wasn't really happy with them- yet! Sunday afternoon I flipped through one of my current favorite books, Paris; an Inspiring Tour of the City's Creative Heart...













I love this image with the lively railing- Art Deco almost always makes me think of music, of jazz, and this design is no exception.












Like all the other little niblets of inspiration and ideas I'm finding, I feel like I could dig into this pattern for days. But I only have a week- which, well- by the time I found it, was only half a day, to complete my piece. So, here it is...
























I see fabric, mostly, coming from this but would love to create a whole set of complimentary patterns and color ways for this pattern. Tell me what you think about it. And what does it remind you of?

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