Colors that Break the Speed Limit

My sweet friend, Meljun, sent me this postcard from Thailand... vroom, vroom!

This is an image I've kept on my desktop forever! The reflection, movement, color... I'm in love

Primary colors as so active, they seem to energize and invigorate just by being together. The cheerful green of the tuk tuk and shiny hues on the rainy street remind me of these rooms by Miles Redd...

miles redd, primary room, red blue room, green red room, green blue room


And there's the dizzying gritty motion of the city itself... soot and cement, rust and metal... churning, pounding, stretching...

[caption id="attachment_7804" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="This is a dance my brother, Lane, choreographed and danced in the middle of Portland with gorgeous partner, Laura Haney"]Lane Hunter Dance, Lane Hunter, Laura [/caption]

Reminds me of this gorgeous metal art piece I found on Etsy by ChromeMetalArt

[caption id="attachment_7809" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption=" But also this Todd Selby photo of Kate and Andy Spade in their homethe black circle painting surrounded by orderly chaos also reminds me of Lane and Laura's dance"][/caption]

the vibrations of these colors overlap creating the rhythm of a crowded sidewalk or busy street
And yet, in all the commotion, there is order (another Todd Selby photo)



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