Colors that Dance

Leatrice Eiseman, Color Guru for Pantone posted this wonderful article about the Voice of Dance (click the photo to read the article)...

Wheeldon's After the Rain A Signal Moment in Contemporary Ballet, voice of dance, orange dance costume, blush dance costume

I was blown away by the color palette that this dance creates as she leaps toward the light with her blush colored skin, Bottecelli red hair and sun kissed fabrics billowing around her. Stunning.


There's the science color defined by vibration, reflection, absorption. And there are the visual properties of colors that recede, expand, contract, nuetralize, tint and shade... And there's the magnificent artistry of color as it mixes with motion to create magic that beyond science- it's simply so moving, you have to wonder how it all came together. Did the choreographer see the dance first or the dancer? Did he/she choose these fabrics after the dance was chosen or did they leap from the store shelf when the costume designer came wondering with a vague idea? It's always this part of the creative process that fascinates me.

Regardless, it's clear by the toga style shape of the dress and ringleted hair this masterful piece was inspired by the great painters... and the black stage, like the deep backgrounds of Caravaggio, Vermeer, and Rembrandt makes this angelic scene glow rosy gorgeous light.

(the large seems to dance in the wind, a nice touch against the square sofa and striped wall)
(notice the James Nares in the background)
(everyone will look good and feel good in this class room with golden accents)
(and then there's this- so feminine, but soo perfect)
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