Carving Out Your Own Success- Brown Pigeon's Meagan Lewis

My friend and fellow artist, Meagan Lewis, creator of Brown Pigeon, and one of Etsy's best sellers, was approached by Chronicle Books to create her first book, Put Your Stamp On It!

SK: What's your favorite project in the book?
ML: My favorite project at the moment would probably be the "Scrap Rubber Photo Boxes". When you begin making your own carved stamps, you'll quickly notice that you've acquired a pile of scrap pieces. When my own scrap pile began to overflow, it hit me! I mounted the scraps onto a block of wood, inked that up, and was delighted by the pattern it created.
SK: Who should buy this book?
ML:This book can be enjoyed by the beginning stamp lover or an artist who is looking to expand their creative repertoire. My hope is that not only will you feel inspired, you'll feel ready to start stamping!
SK: What's your favorite color combo right now?
ML: Right now, my favorite combo would have to be mint, pink and brown. Yes, those are the colors of Spumoni ice cream. And I love that too.

SK: Thanks, Megan. You totally inspire me and remind to keep carving out my own creative path. Buy the book, everyone. It's absolutely beautiful.

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