The Art of Imperfection- week 4's painting challenge



Tushita, Hokusai, Hokusai masters, block print,

This picture inspired this week's painting (thank you for this beautiful little desk calendar by Tushita, Debbie!)

Japanese block prints are full of symbols and allegories- I love the colors and exquisite execution.

shannon kaye, mixed media, black blue painting, blue orange art, block print inspired art

For my own work, I prefer imperfection and the layering of color and texture with unusual tools and mediums to create unexpected surfaces and playful patterns.

Even imperfection takes time to execute though and I'm finding that to keep up with the other areas of my life, these paintings have to be more like sketches, ideas, quickies of the images I see in my mind and would like to create.

I'm also finding that texture and pattern are re-emerging in my work as I consider designing fabrics, wallpaper, rugs...

Feels great to be moving swiftly and gathering a stockpile of ideas and inspiration. But I can't wait to really dig into some of these motifs and see what develops.

For now though- forward ho to next week's painting.

dunn-edwards abalone, dunn edwards abalone, abalone

dunn-edwards deep coral, dunn edwards deep coral, deep coral

dunn edwards stargazing, dunn-edwards stargazing, stargazing

dunn-edwards deepest sea, dunn edwards deepest sea, deepest sea





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