DIY Videos are UP! Thanks to my Village People


My videos for the DIY Channel are finally up! I'm so excited, not only because it's been a major work in progress for several months, but also because I can't wait to share these easy and colorful projects with you AND celebrate so many of the people who helped me get this all done. It really does take a 'village' to accomplish great things, and I happen to have the best tribe!

So this week, I'm sharing behind the scenes details (along with links to the videos!) about the people and projects to show you how it all comes together. I'm starting with my brother, Lane, because I honestly, couldn't have done this without him... so without further adieu...


Lane flew down from Portland to assist me with the DIY Videos. He's been building a dance company and launching some new performances himself, so I'm grateful beyond belief for his support.

We filmed the videos in an empty loft (thanks for the awesome find, Greg Goode!) which was the perfect space, but before shooting we ran far and wide gathering everything we needed to style the shots and make these rooms feel homey.

Of course, we hit the flea market... truth be told, I didn't think we had time, but Lane insisted so we went and found primo pieces! (bien sur!)

We might've been a tad- um- unruly- at West Elm putting together the bedding for the How To Choose Colors Videos.

But it was worth it, we found everything we needed... start the show (so to speak!)

I don't know if we get along because he's my next youngest sibling, because I'm a lefty and he's righty, or just because my bossy-ness and his pesky-ness balances our personalities to just getting a long...

[caption id="attachment_5854" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="like two peas in a pod :-)"][/caption]


He always finds something a bit mischievous to do... he always has to get away with something

But he's my biggest fan, greatest support, and the person I aspire to match creatively.

Oh, and he can pack a van like nobody's business.

Thank you, Lane!!! Check out Lane's upcoming dance version of Psyko coming to Portland, Oregon this October!!!

Can't wait to share more of the coolest people in my village... stay tuned!



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