HGTV knows my favorite color- do you?

Sorry I've been mia these past several weeks. There's been so much brewing- feels like I've been running like an Olympian relay racer!

You know, I generally prefer to tell stories and put together color palettes- I'll definitely get back to that, I promise! But today, I'm bursting at the seems with excitement over some good stuff. Check it out:

In Jeannie Matteucci's Psychology of Color articles for HGTV's Remodels website, I got to chime in with my tips for the best ways to choose and use color in your home- you know how I love color!

Here's a sneak peak at why green remains my all time favorite color... and read on about all of the colors and advice you could need for your home.


Excellent work- Jeannie. Thank you!

Tune in Tomorrow for a more good stuff!



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