As I get ready to dash off to New York today (no fooling!) I've been thinking of this painting, Broadway Boogie Woogie, by Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian. If you haven't heard of Mondrian and don't remember the Partridge Family bus (which makes me feel painfully sad AND old), then here's a quick recap about this inspired piece:

Mondrian spent several years in Paris and London, but his final years were spent in his favorite town, New York City. He'd been developing his style for much of his career, but it was in Manhattan that the rhythms of jazz music came to life on the streets below his apartment as he looked out the window and saw the quick staccato movements of the yellow taxi cabs below. This painting IS jazz-  it's sporadic colors and skipping beats mimics the hustling rhythm of the big blocks and busy City. Many call Broadway Boogie Woogie Mondrian's masterpiece. I also call it his Color in The City palette, the group of hues that, for Mondrian, represented his moving and musical impressions of the Big Apple.

So, I'm waiting for the plane, wondering what I might see on my trip and what I could create at home from my impressions. I've been to New York and New York City many times. But this trip, I'll spend time in Brooklyn- an area I've only passed through- as well as Paris and a few little towns nearby. (I know!) I'm excited to see what colors and impressions emerge as I create Color in The City palettes for each place I visit and bring back tips for recreating your travel experiences at home.

In the meantime, tweet me with your list of must-see places; food, vintage shopping, museums, hidden jewels... if I can make it to your recommended spot, I'll check-in on Facebook and send you a big thank you on Twitter. Can't wait to see what you have in store for me!

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