A Week in the Life

My brother, Lane, texted me Friday-

'You're all over Better Homes and Gardens"

(pause for celebration- yea!!)

[caption id="attachment_5429" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Jody Gorlock, author of this 34 Secrets article, compiled color tips from an extensive list of designers to offer readers approachable advice for their homes."][/caption]

Of course, it was a surprise to him, but I was thrilled when I first got the call back in November to provide color tips for the article. (thanks for the heads up, Lane! I'd almost forgotten to be on the look out for the March issue!)

It's funny, sometimes my days run into each other and I'm not sure if me and my team have accomplished enough. Projects get held up by back orders, interviews are often done months in advance, video editing takes weeks of drafts, and timing purchases and services can take Matrix-like coordination. There are a lot of moving parts and, of course, my goal is to be moving them and myself forward at all times. So when these moments arrive- the magazine comes out or the video goes live or the finishing pieces go into a project- I just can't help but stop for a sec and smile. I love my work!

Go pick up the magazine for lots of great color tips for your home, and stay tuned this week to see- in real time- what I'm up to every day to make the Shannon Kaye Making Room for More machine turn. I'm headed to Phoenix tomorrow for a last minute color consultation... can't wait to tell you about it! Stay tuned...


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