Doing it Like Dolly

Okay, this may be a little of 'design' target, but in light of losing beloved and troubled artist, Whitney Houston, I'm going to write about it anyway.

It was getting late (after midnight late) but I sat there determined to get all the content loaded on my new website- ah the drudgery, the torment, the unfairness of it all! I felt a bit overloaded and underwhelmed by the task at hand as my television rambled on. Then about 11 o'clock, Dolly Parton came on the Biography Channel and I couldn't look away.

I've never doubted her talent, business savvy, smile... As I watched though, I also couldn't help but notice her joy, laughter, wit, intelligence, generosity, creativity... and mostly her belief in herself.

"I knew I couldn't be more poor, so I just went out and did what I could with what I had. I never thought I couldn't have my dreams- that's how silly or ambitious I was."

Made me want to put on a sparkly top and laugh at myself for being overwhelmed by a silly ol' website!

You know, Elvis' manager wanted her to give away the rights to her famous song, 'I Will Always Love You' so Elvis could record it. She turned him down with sadness but without hesitation believing that what she created should always be hers. Some 13 years or so later, Kevin Costner, a huge Dolly fan, was doing the BodyGuard and it was his suggestion to use the song that lead to success and greatness for so many!

So, here's what I'm taking away from this story:

a. you never know who will refer you, hire you, be inspired by you... so always do your best. It's okay to walk when the relationship is done- just do it with as much grace as possible.

b. no matter how poor, overwhelmed, burdened, you can choose how you respond to your life- you can choose fear and tears or laughter and love.

c. ownership is yours to keep and give away. Whether your work is great or small, impressive or only quietly amazing- guard it fiercely, but share it with everyone

Have a great weekend everyone! Keep going!

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