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So, you saw my beautiful mirror frame that has hung in almost every room of my house (see yesterday's post). We're all caught up now, right?

Here's the back story: About the time I found the mirror frame I was starting over in a new city, new home, new life... in other words, I was recently single. Being back on my own again was my choice, but I was still feeling a tad down about it all. I didn't bring much with me (clothes, a few pieces of furniture, and my meager art collection) and was only half-heartedly decorating.

I was moping around one day when it hit me...

All of my artwork was sad- I even had a 'sad angel' collection! Yikes! What felt sort of comforting before suddenly seemed gloomy and oppressive. I took everything down immediately. I was done being a victim in my own life.

This is really where my Making Room for More journey began...

Over the next several years I did everything I could to improve my life, my outlook on my life, my faith in myself and others...

I made a big 'inspiration board' pinning up everything I wanted for my life. I had big visions!

I was so excited, I even had an Inspiration Board party with my friends!

[caption id="attachment_4809" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="The frames are from the Alameda Flea market. Cork tiles and everything else are from a craft store. We had a great day!"][/caption]

But as the next few years went by it seemed that rather than checking off my dreams as I achieved them, they were becoming further and further away- impossible even. I took it down feeling totally defeated. BUT, I continued taking classes, reading books, journaling, finding women's business groups... in other words- I didn't give up.

So, it's no surprise that just as I was wrapping up decorative details on my house, that I met Bethany Nauert (thank you, Michael!) and was soon scheduling my Apartment Therapy photoshoot.

I was thinking about my inspiration board realizing that maybe my inspiration board had to be three-dimensional like my work. Isn't that was Making Room for More is all about? duh!

I wanted to create an art piece for the photo-shoot- something special that spoke to my aesthetic and my new outlook. Immediately, I remembered this...

I saw Yoko Ono's exhibit at SFMoma a few years ago- Most of the exhibit was white- white chess boards with a sign that said 'play by trust' and a white birch tree with a table full of white tags and an invitation to write a wish and add it to the tree- a wishing tree. It was chalk full of tags dancing in a soft breeze created by the people who walked by. Breathtaking! The wishing tree isn't Yoko's invention, but she certainly impacted thousands with her spin on the concept.

Perhaps, I could create something similar with my own wishes hanging from a chandelier... or floating on a wall... floating... flying... what shape would that take? how would I create it?...

Without knowing any of these thoughts, my friend, Krista showed me an installation she had just seen with paper butterflies. This isn't the exact piece, but I'm pretty sure this is the artist Krista saw:

[caption id="attachment_4860" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="More about Su Blackwell coming..."][/caption]

Eureka! I've got it! I'll cut butterflies from the pages of my favorite Interiors magazines! I'll attach them to the wall and to my beautiful mirror frame! I'll paint the wall deep purple so every colorful image jumps from the wall- like flying. Yes! Yes! Yes!

I went to the hardware store to get chicken wire for my frame and found this grid patterned fencing-

[caption id="attachment_4861" align="aligncenter" width="220" caption="Even better!"][/caption]

Then I gathered some friends and cut out about a hundred butterflies- each one reminding me of the freedom to create, re-create, and totally design my life. No words, now specific images- just color, play, light and flight.

[caption id="attachment_4749" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Now that's an Inspiration Board!"][/caption]

Tune in tomorrow for more specific instructions- we're getting to the good part!


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