Color in the City, La Quinta

Of course there are world class golf courses, splashing waterfalls,  and lush green grass... but that's the man-made side of La Quinta and the Palm Springs area. The real Coachella Valley is rich in geographic diversity, Indian history, and uninterrupted sunshine.

[caption id="attachment_4321" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Cahuilla Indians are known for their intricate basketry mostly woven in just three colors from natural plants and earth"][/caption]

Since Walter Morgan built the now famous La Quinta Resort and Spa in 1926, frequented by movie stars, writers, and artist from the very beginning, the area has also become the picturesque mid-century snapshot we know today.

When I think of Palm Springs and La Quinta, I think of this:

The Flintstones and their home in Bedrock with all the modern conveniences of the 'sixties'.

But it's the resilient topography, and brilliant sky that really defines this miraculous country.

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