On a Roll...

After a friendly but firm reminder from my power-house business coach, Kim, I'm back on track with a regular painting schedule. Who knew I'd need reminding to do something I really love to do?!

I added power walks to my mornings this year and after some resistance, can't believe I ever wasn't getting outdoors to start my days!

I wasted so much time thinking that it was just one more thing I was doing alone. Seems so lame now- why be more unhappy because I didn't want to do something- by myself- that makes me so happy?!

I also became a member at the DeYoung and Legion of Honor Museums in San Francisco this year...

I'd kick myself for missing exhibits that I know would've inspired me. Now I go about once a month looking forward to those exhibits and think about who might enjoy seeing them with me. I feel like it's free every time I walk in- and it is free for three of my friends- every time! That makes me happy.

[caption id="attachment_3912" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="And there you have it, my latest bubble painting- Blue Blood Love"][/caption]

We spend plenty of time being responsible, attentive, timely... spending time doing the things that make us smile and stay connected to the things we love is just as important. And here's the thing: you could approach it all like I used to (see my attitude adjustment?)- like even the things I loved and wanted to do felt like just one more chore. OR you could just set the time aside and do it because you love it and it makes you happy. Share it with a friend, your mate, your children, your dog.... or just take the time yourself to take it in. You'll be amazed how much better your days will go!

This is me adjusting my attitude towards some of the other tasks my coach has given me to do. She's a toughy, but I wouldn't trade her for anything- she's bringing sense, order and joy back to my business and my life. Thank you, Kim!

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