And, Action!

Last week was big! I gathered a production crew, wrote a script, and corralled some residential clients to film some testimonial videos for a national client. As of last week, I'm an executive producer and I couldn't be happier!

We spent two days meeting clients and talking about the impact of choosing new paint colors for their homes.

Here's the luck of a film crew: as soon as we stepped outside to shoot our homeowner talking about the new exterior color on his house (in a very quiet suburban little pocket neighborhood of San Francisco) a limousine pulled up across the street for a surprise 80'th Birthday party, a taxi pulled up to pick someone up next door, AND AND a Firetruck came up with firefighters jogging up the street carrying hatchets! I'm not kidding!!

Hard to see, but the taxi is leaving, the limo is behind the firetruck, and the firefighters are smiling because everything seemed to be fine- we never found out about the emergency that brought them up the street. But, the homeowner kept saying, "I swear, it's never this busy in my neighborhood!"

Eventually we got back to business and made our way to five locations in two days with lots of walking and talking along the way to tell the story of my work and the homeowners I get to work with every day. I have to say, I was nervous because this is a new crew I've never worked with, I was asking all of these homeowners to do us a big favor filming them and their homes, and I haven't been on camera in awhile. But at our first stop I remembered why I love working with people in their homes, why I enjoy being on camera, and why I'm so passionate about paint, color, design, art...

Now the editing begins, the production team takes two days of filming, before after photos, and our script and starts creating in their medium. We'll meet each week as the project develops and debut our product at an annual meeting in January.

Keep your fingers crossed for me and stay tuned...



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