Life and Times of a Living Room

When I first moved into my rental, I didn't think I'd be here long. I left a long relationship and thought that leaving him would bring my dream partner to me "any day now".

I had my grandmother's hope chest, an old mattress, a table, and a baby grand piano- that was about it. I bought a sofa and grabbed pieces here and there, but I didn't really embrace the place.

I was working at Fresh Coat, adjusting to being single, living in a new town... it was a tough transition. I finally decided to paint. This red color was going to be the base coat of a chocolate crackle finish...

I actually like the red color and really wanted to try the finish that I'd planned, but I started to crave something softer, more soothing and nurturing. I needed to get comfy without spending too much time on a technical finish. So, I painted the walls in a soft parchment color and painted the fireplace in a dark pewter color while I decided what to do next...

When CertaPro Painters became my client they offered to paint some rooms to give me the experience of their service. I chose a pale dusty mauve for the walls and ceiling to give the room a comfy open feel.

I felt so relieved to have CertaPro handle the heavy work this time (they did a great job!). I was starting to embrace my house and really make it a home. I added a metallic gold wash to the crown molding and an oversized panel with a few scattered stencils...

The room felt so much better, so much more cheerful and relaxing... I kept the room like this for a long time while I gathered my energy for the real transformation.

And finally, after years of resisting my digs, I finally started to feel at home. I remodeled my bathroom, decorated my bedroom finally bought the sofa of my dreams. I was practicing my Making Room for More methods and guess what, it was working!  I was starting to add some colorful graphics to my room when I met Apartment Therapy photographer, Bethany Nauert. She saw a few snapshots of the room and next thing you know, we were scheduling a photoshoot!

That was motivation enough to add the finishing touches and begin truly enjoying my home.

Your home is a reflection of where you are in your life. So take care, pay attention, and work towards rooms that have you looking good and feeling good about your life.

I'm finally happy to be here. I'm proud of my home- the energy and comfort it gives me has opened me up to painting again, inviting people over, dating, just being happy. It's a great feeling.

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Thank You sooooooooooooo much for sharing yourself in the blog, it really inspired me. I am also going through a transition of sorts and my home is my comfort spot and now I am getting the wings to start a blog and go out into the world and be the awesome person I was meant to be…I do fiber art and love design, feng shui, clothing, jewelry and all things that contribute to a beautiful world…


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