Memory Lane and Walking with my Brother...

My trip to Portland was way too short, but I did get to spend some time with Lane (yea!). We have a ritual- when one of us comes to visit, the other selects a cool street to explore. But since we didn't have time for a whole row, Lane showed me some high points like this unbelievable light bulb store- yep, light bulb store.

Talk about making room for more, Kay Newell opened Sunlan Lighting in 1989 after stints as a private detective, restaurant manager, dental hygienist, and advertising writer just to name a few. At a brief job at a lighting firm, Kay decided to sell light bulbs herself so she dove into technical manuals and catalogs educating herself and becoming passionate about the healing quality and practical effects of good lighting.

I could go on and about her impressive and inspiring story, but I'd rather just show you her shop- it's so cool... and colorful... and organized... really, could I ask for anything more?

We also popped into Mr. GreenBeans coffee, a unique store that sells yeast starters, canning supplies, and of course, coffee and the most unique coffee brewing devices I've ever seen.

Portland is so full of memories for me even though I just six years old when my family moved to California. We visited often and I treasure the times I spent with Grandma and Grandpa May. The name of this coffee store reminded me (not everyone reading is old enough to know this reference, but let me reminisce for just a moment) watching Mr. Green Jeans on Captain Kangaroo and thinking that my Grandpa, with his green pants and thriving garden, was just like Mr. Green Jeans.

[caption id="attachment_3444" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="That's me 'helping' Grandpa install the air conditioner in our house in Fremont. This was a couple of years after we moved, but Grandpa, an electrician, wore these clothes most every day except Sunday. Don't you think he kinda looks like Mr. Green Jeans?"][/caption]

I digress...

Lane also showed me quite possibly the most beautiful shop in Portland, Ste. Maine

Amazingly, I didn't get a picture of Lane and I together. We were too wrapped up in traipsing through the shops, walking his adorable Barkley, talking about his show, our businesses, our family.... then we headed to the theater where he, once again, killed Laura Haney in the shower. Great visit...

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Sorry i missed the walk and the show. Looks like lots of fun and en"light"ening as well. Hunter humor. Love you guys.


Love the tool belt!! Portland is such a great town that definitely has many hidden treasures. Lucky to have someone that knows where to find these backstreet jewels.


luv it!OMG I would have gone crazy in the light bulb shop!
thanks again for all you’re hard work this weekend
you are one of a kind/find


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