Spinning for Dummies and other New Things

Thank goodness for daylight savings time- the "fall forward" part of it anyway. Sleeping in felt great! Can we do that every Sunday... please?

Back to business; remember awhile ago when I interviewed my friend, Carrie Motamedi who'd started her super cool job at TechShop? I dared her to take a class and promised to join her- and well, we did it! Carrie chose metal spinning because she wanted to make a bowl for her famous guacamole. The process turned out to be a little more involved than we thought, but we persevered and... ta da! We made two shiny new aluminum bowls!

We did it with the help of Earl Powell, our capable, knowledgeable, and very patient instructor.

[caption id="attachment_3155" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Earl's on the left with another student and us, the renegade shop gals"][/caption]

Stay tuned to see how we did it why we jumped out of our comfort zones to try something new!

Give it a try yourself this week- do something (or at least sign up for something) you've always wanted to do! Go to Techshop, grab a friend, or just leap out on your own. You might be surprised at how great even a little aluminum bowl can make your feel.

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