Sometimes It's a Long and Winding Road...

Remember when I showed you this photo from "What Would You Do" week?

Well, here's the basic plan so far...

The fabric on the left is for window treatments, the fabric on the right is for the duvet. I chose a rich pickle green for the walls only to find out that my client had a "bad" experience with a green bedroom gone awry when she was young. Funny how much our tastes are associated with past experience! I would've loved a more dramatic wall color for her, but she has to sleep there so I found a nice compromise, a warm lemongrass color that brings out the dark green tones in the fabric. The headboard will be in a deep mossy color to weight the room instead and the dresser will sit in the bay window, a sweet and unexpected vignette for her space. We're looking wallpaper options for the back of the bookshelves (although we may end up just painting a contrasting color or pattern), an area rug for the foot of the bed, and some artwork.

Things are taking longer than expected to find/order/coordinate... even small rooms can take on a life of their own when budget and family situations come up (as they usually do). I have to find a way to embrace the pace while nudging things forward wherever possible to keep the project going.

Speaking of pace, here's the plan for her hallway and stairs which includes carpeting that won't arrive until March!

When I told her, she said, "we've gone 20 years without carpet here, we can wait a few more months for the perfect pattern." Have I mentioned how much I love my clients? They just get it- they trust me and they're willing to wait for the good I feel a lesson coming on...

Anyway, the walls are painted (Thank you, George!) and my upholstery person will use this leftover fabric on an old bench- both of which have been stashed in his shop for who knows how long. I always ask vendors what they have lying around- it's a great way to score a deal, take leftovers off their hands, and avoid throwing away perfectly good things.

So, while I thought I'd be showing the "AFTER" shots of these projects soon, it looks like a Snickers might come in handy. It's gonna be awhile. Stay tuned, and have a great weekend.

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