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I've slacked on blogging this week- there's much going on here in the Making Room for More camp. I'm working on some website stuff (can't wait to show you!), a big new article (so much fun!), contracts with clients, placing orders for that bedroom I showed you (remember what would you do week?), planning a little Holiday event... the plates are spinning, spinning...

So, I'm keeping it simple this week with some fun tidbits I hope you enjoy, starting here!

If by any chance you're flying Alaska Air in the near future, be prepared to read my tips about color in the Alaska Air's in flight magazine! The article starts on page 66, Creating New Spaces. Page 69 features my dining room and ever so sage about color. Check it out online (click on the image below) or crack open the mag next time you're above the clouds. Thank you, Alaska Airlines!

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congrats on the article, very cool!


Whoohoo! up up and away!


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