Re-Used Pedastals Only Please

Yesterday was day two of meditating. I started with the thought, "I'm finding the most amazing people and opportunities to share with the things that I do best". I know, sounds a little, "gosh darn it, people like me", but who cares, no one was there to laugh so I thought it then focused on my breathing...

Soon, I was swept away by the big beautiful tree rustling in the wind outside my window. Felt like I was by the ocean. Of course, I stressed that evening about what to wear and spent too much time complaining to friends about the things that aren't going my way (so far)... but I have to say, for about 2 breathes- bliss. I think I'll keep going.

That's really the point of this week- to stop the rigmarole and try one small thing that makes so much more sense.

My darling friend, Tim, sent me this link. Now, it's true that TED talks can be preachy sometimes, but watch this with an open mind and we'll chat about it when you're done...

Making Room for More is really about letting go of all the things we use and the stuff we keep and the things we do that don't really serve us (that's the Universal US  and the personal us), to make room for more of those simple things that bring us relief and joy.

On a grand scale, I love seeing people with visions like this: collects art exhibit street banners from museums around the country and sells them as art. It's big beautiful recycling.

On a small scale I enjoy things like this:

... flipping that little valve in the shower that stops the water while I lather up. Flipping it back on is the best.

It's meditating for just a few minutes and seeing what happens next...

Do something different today, one little thing- take a deep breathe, do it, and let me know how it goes.

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I have just adopted your words as my mantra for this time, for I am
truly searching for those people that I can share myself and my growth with…people who applaud and encourage…people who honor their word and show up to be of service…and mostly I am working to become that
person also…good growth to you…

Rosalyn Harwood

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