Pour it Forward

Okay, this may sound too beginner, but I have to say, using every last drop of my stuff makes me feel conscious, grateful, and resourceful. How do you savor your stuff to the last drop?

It seems like those last few drops of dish soap last forever, but I still have to squeeze out every last drop.

I do the same for my lotion. I'm bummed these products come in plastic and hope that changes in the near future. 'Til then, I'll just use every drop of this stuff so nothing else goes in landfill but the container.When my soaps get super thin and ready to break, I push it onto a newer bar and let them mush together.

I grew up watching my grandma stack paper sacks and produce bags in the closest just outside the kitchen. It's funny the things you remember when you take a step back to value every little moment and thing in your life. I rinse my produce bags and use cloth sacks and think of my grandma every time I come home from the store.

These are such little things, but they slow me down and help me appreciate what I have. I save a little money and keep our wildlife a little bit safer. Imagine how it could add up though if we all did these small things. Share your tips and ideas with me so I can jump on your bandwagon!

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