Flower painting Makeover

I'm glad I showed you all the flower painting that I'd been stuck on for a long time. Just talking about letting go of that critical voice helped me do just that do that! I took a fresh look at my painting and knew exactly what to do.

So, here's the before...

And here's my new version. I created more depth by adding darker tones to the background, brightening the tablecloth stencil and  lighting up all of the flowers. I think I'm done now- and it felt great to just do it for the pure joy of painting.

Grab that project you put down awhile ago and give it another try. No need for your critical voice, no need to get all serious and crazy- just start again and see where it takes you this time.

Have fun!

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I laugh at how we all seem to be on the same page..I took a class in batik and posted the picture on my facebook page…then a few days later, the critical voice came up and I went back and changed it..and then I thanked my “critical” shadow and asked him/her to take a vacation…

Rosalyn Harwood

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