Songs that Make YOU Laugh

We interrupt this program for a little fun:

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Now back to our serious business...

There are plenty of songs we commiserate with, cry with, get all sad about... But there are plenty that make us laugh too! So, let's listen to those! When my older brother, sister, and I started exploring music on our own, we commandeered my mom's collection of 45 records and soaked up Beach Boys, Everly Brothers, Dion... then we found Jerry Lee Lewis, Great Balls of Fire and absolutely cackled over and over again when he'd sing, "goodness gracious GREAT BALLS of Fire!"

A few years later, my older brother found a bunch of albums that had been tossed out in the orchard near our house. He scored George Harrison, Crackerbox Palace, Paper Lace Billy Don't Be a Hero and The Night Chicago Night, Manfred Mann's Blinded by the Light... the chopsticks licks, the nonsensical lyrics and sound effects- I thought it was hilarious and amazing at the same time!

It's hard to be in a bad mood when you hear a song that makes you laugh. So let's wipe the pouty faces off today and Make Room for More fun- let's listen to something silly and maybe get through that pile of paperwork a little easier or actually smile at that guy who just rubs you the wrong way (Hellloh, Norman).

It's hard to narrow the good silly songs to just a few but here's my best try. Tell me what songs make you laugh. Dig up some fun tunes today and share them with your friends and family. They may laugh AT you, but at least they'll be laughing! Enjoy!

small warning here- this next song has the Fword right in the first few sentences so if you're kiddies are nearby, sing something else really loud over that part and then let them hear the rest with you.

(feel I should say that I've downloaded these videos from YouTube and am in no way profiting, selling, promoting or taking any credit for these groups- just wanted to share some good tunes)

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