Feel Good Friday Music

When you feel good, it's just easier to take life less seriously and feel better about ourselves. So let's work on our music collections and use them to raise our games and enjoy our lives. No sad stuff for awhile- let's just fill our ears, pound our chests, point our fingers, rock the pony dance, get out those air drums- you know you want toooo! OR just get a little rock step groove on if that works for you. You don't have to be cool anymore- you just have to have some fun.

Let's set the tone with this video James Key Lim from Delivering Happiness tweeted to me this week. Intellectually, I feel that is sets the proper note for engaging in uplifting moods and positive activities. Seriously, have a look...

And finally, for sweet Mike who sang this and many other punk songs at the very top of his lungs in his rust brown Camaro. It must've been Christmas time because to this day, the song makes me think of the Holidays... and him... it always makes me smile.

(feel I should say that I've downloaded these videos from YouTube and am in no way profiting, selling, promoting or taking any credit for these groups- just wanted to share some good tunes)

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