Changing the Mona Lisa- What Would You Do?

Jaime Derringer, founder of one of my fav blogs, Design Milk, published a poster that fits this week's theme, What Would You Do? so perfectly.

Jaime dives deep into the heart of interior design, architecture, product design, textiles, graphic design looking for all things modern, amazing, and beautiful. I'm always discovering new artists and designers (well, new to me!), and finding myself wondering, "could I have done that?"

To introduce this poster and artist I saw on Design Milk, let's first ask the question- If you could re-color, re-invent, change the Mona Lisa in any way, What Would You Do?

Gary Andrew Clarke designed a poster, Mona Lisa Remixed, paring down the painting into a grid of colored circles- gorgeous!

I'm in love with this poster, the idea of it, maybe even Gary for thinking of it!

So now... What Would You Do with Gary's art?

Break the concept down even more? Change the shape? Make a gallery of masterpieces re-created in this vein? Cut out the circles and rearrange them into another scene? Wrap a birthday gift with it? ... Tell me, What Would You Do?

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