Stacy Rhodes Makes Room for the Dream

Years ago my hairdresser in San Francisco mentioned that a friend of hers
was opening a little vintage shop in San Mateo. Little did I know that years later I'd be living in San Mateo driving by Dream, Stacy Rhodes' jewel of a shop that was even more magnificent than our friend described.

[caption id="attachment_2078" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Located at 905 S. Claremont Street, Dream and owner Stacy Rhodes are treasures of San Mateo"][/caption]

Okay, I'll admit it- I've been selfish. I've been keeping Stacy to myself. Dream has been my resource for client gifts and amazing Christmas goodies for myself! But I'm fixing that now. Here's everything you need to know about Dream and my gal pal, Stacy Rhodes:

SK: How long ago did you open your shop?

Stacy: I've had the shop now for 7 years. I live in the neighborhood and noticed an empty little storefront. I was running a successful business but the stress just wasn't worth it.  I really wanted to do something more fulfilling.  Back in the day, my mom took me to flea markets in Chicago so  I grew up with used furniture and antiques.  I think I was stripping and painting furniture in my teens.  So I sent a nice note inquiring about the property and before I knew it I was renting it!

SK: Did you have a vision for your shop?

Stacy: I rarely buy anything I don't like.  I always ask, "would I put this in my house?".  Sure I have older things but I wanted it to be more about the look
and lifestyle.  Dream is about livable, useable  furniture and décor.  I look for pieces that can be used in several ways and often put several useless pieces together to create something unique, functional and gorgeous.

SK: Has your vision changed since then? Is selling in today's environment
different than is used to be? How do you cope?

Stacy: My vision remains. You do have to roll with the changes in styles to some degree but buying and selling what's super hot right now can leave you high and dry in
months.  I prefer to sell items that people love regardless of  the latest craze.

SK: Do you have a hard time letting go of some of the beautiful things you

Stacy: I have to admit it's hard to see some go but there is nothing better than seeing these treasures go to good homes, and seeing happy customers is so rewarding. There are always more cool things to find. On my semi annual buying trips I always buy myself a piece.  I just bought a French sideboard with the original marble top.  I've painted and it now holds our entertainment system.

SK: What's your favorite style or period? Do you have a favorite color palette?

Stacy: 1910-1930. I always go for cool tones, light blues, grays, greens, and beige.

SK: I love that you have a tiny garage attached to this place for extra
storage and room to repair and paint some of your finds. Do you enjoy that
part of your business too?

Stacy: Fixing up a piece that would otherwise be tossed out is truly one of the best parts about this business.  I love creating new life.

SK: What advice would you give someone looking to start a bold new venture?

Stacy: Honestly I would not change a thing. I tell people you just have to jump
in, eyes open.  There are no wrong turns when choose to follow your dream. Just start small and try to make wise decisions.

Thank you, Stacy! I'm bringing my friends in as soon as you have your Holiday pieces out, so start getting those boxes out! I love your work and can't wait for everyone else to see your atelier.

If you're interested in a Holiday shopping party, let me know and I'll start organizing the event!

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Dream is one of the most beautiful shops I have ever seen. Stacy Rhodes has such a good eye for rare items and has the rare ability to restore any piece in need of some tlc.


Agreed, Ladies! So glad you’ve enjoyed this fabulous little shop. Stacy and I are putting together a little Holiday shopping tour. If you’re interested in attending, let one of us know and we’ll be sure to include you in the email list!


I’ve been going to Dream for a couple of years and I rarely walk out without something new (to me) for my home. My latest purchase was a pale blue, weathered cupboard that is now my nightstand. Love it! (I’ve even converted a few friends into Dream customers.)


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